Top 5 things people consider before buying Solar Panels

Posted by Andi

In recent months, interest in Solar Panels has risen as consumers look for ways to cut their high energy costs. A reduction in VAT on energy-efficient systems from 5% to 0% this spring has added to the appeal of solar power. What are the main things to consider before making the investment?

1. Is my property suitable?

A south-facing property is considered to be the most optimum orientation in terms of solar power generation. Whilst this is correct, an east/west facing property would still benefit from ample sunlight and will still likely see a good return on your investment. North-facing properties are typically advised to avoid installing solar panels unless you have a suitable outbuilding or land to house the solar array.

Solar Panels

Shading issues, caused by trees, chimneys or nearby buildings, can be an issue but can often be helped by installing micro-inverters. These handy devices can be attached to the system to boost output.

2. Which Solar Panel system is right for me?

When considering a solar energy installation, the goal for most people is to be as ‘off-grid’ as possible and not have to use any electricity from the grid. Whilst this is possible for some houses, others will need to also use some energy from the grid. Generally, the bigger the property, the more panels you need and will be able to fit on the roof. Our team will give you expert and honest advice and provide you with the most suitable system that will benefit you in the best way possible and help future-proof your home. 

3. Does the UK have the right weather for Solar Panels?

It may come as a surprise to you to know that the United Kingdom actually gets similar amounts of solar radiation as some of our European neighbours. This means even though we may not be getting the same amount of heat in the United Kingdom, we are still getting the same amount of sun exposure.  In fact, some parts of the United Kingdom get the same amount of solar radiation and sunlight exposure as Germany, which is one of the leading countries for the use and production of solar panels!

4. How much will I save with Solar Panels?

With so many variable factors at play, it’s impossible to provide an exact figure. However, when our team have data that is bespoke to your property, current energy bills, property type and location, we can offer projections which can provide you with a good insight into your potential savings and return on investment. When you consider the rising energy costs, no VAT on solar and potential earnings from the Smart Export Guarantee, solar is becoming a no-brainer for many people nowadays.

5. How much do Solar Panels cost?

How much your Solar Panel array will cost you depends very much on numerous factors such as number of panels, the wattage of the panels, type of panels, and additional products (battery, inverter etc). Therefore it is impossible to offer a definitive price, however, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote by filling out the form here.

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