Switching to a Heat Pump could mean you live for longer

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Making homes better insulated and using renewable energy to power them could mean people live longer. 

A new study found that net-zero policies like home insulation and heat pumps if successfully introduced, would “significantly” cut mortality in England and Wales by 2050.

Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump

According to researchers, an extra two million years of life would be added across the population by 2050, if a 60% reduction in emissions by 2035 was implemented. 

​​The study looked at six net zero policies – it argued that retrofitting homes with insulation would be the most effective, resulting in an additional 836,000 life years for the population by the middle of the century. Switching to renewable energy to power homes was the second most-effective policy, resulting in an extra 657,000 years over the same period, the modelling suggested.

How could net zero policies help you live longer? 

​​Researchers said retrofitting homes, to make them more energy efficient and reduce consumption and emissions, would mean properties would stay warmer for longer and wouldn’t require a fossil fuel boiler to be for as long or as frequently.

As long as there was adequate ventilation, then people would be exposed to less pollution generated indoors, like from particles and radon. Without additional ventilation, the indoor generated pollution could build up inside properties, which is bad for people’s overall health.

Retrofitting can include insulating roofs, walls and floors; replacement windows; improved ventilation design; airtightness works and more efficient heating and hot water systems such as Air Source Heat Pumps. 

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