Sustainable Businesses in Sheffield – Part 2

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Following on from a previous blog post ‘Sustainable Businesses in Sheffield – Part 1’ we thought it would be a good idea to carry on this series and shine a spotlight on more sustainable businesses in our local area, Sheffield.   


VULGAR is an Independent Vintage Store based in Sheffield. 

The shop sells vintage items, second-hand designer garments and reworked pieces. The clothing store also sells deadstock items, allowing Vulgar to keep on trend by finding clothing items unworn from decades ago. They are always looking out for old shop stock from the noughties, particularly skatewear and vintage rave gear. The shop also repairs and mends garments while upcycling thousands of items each year to sell to the Sheffield public.

Here is an extract taken from their website: 

‘Taking inspiration from past sub-cultures, we specialise in one-of-a-kind jazzy patterns and prints, statement festival pieces, early 90’s & 00’s designer labels (Burberry, Moschino, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada & Stone Island) timeless accessories, plus all the go-to classic wardrobe staples like leather & denim!’

White Rose

White Rose is labelled a charity shop but not as we know them. Inside the Ecclesall Road store, customers will find “handpicked recycled fashion” which includes many designer brands.

White Rose aims to offer an affordable alternative to fast fashion, marketing themselves as an ethical and sustainable clothing brand. There are now 13 shops across the UK.

Fashion Football Shirts

The company was founded back in 2010 after being inspired by the works of the Aegis Trust charity in Rwanda, a charity that recognises the issue of climate change and works to prevent genocide and mass atrocities worldwide

Here is an extract taken from their website: 

‘​​We’re driven by a distinct purpose to reduce fast fashion’s impact on the environment, reduce textile waste, and encourage our customers to make kinder choices when it comes to purchasing and repurposing clothing. Our circular fashion model means we disregard the corporate ‘take-make-dispose’ pattern and ensure fashion garments are worn for as long as they can be and then transformed through upcycling and recycling after that.’

The Hillsborough Refill Hub

Much like the bare alternative which was featured in part 1 of our sustainable businesses in Sheffield blog posts, the Hillsborough refill hub is another low-waste refill store.

Owners Chantelle & Joe opened the shop in 2022. They say “ the store was built on; a desire to make low waste & sustainable shopping more accessible in our community, whilst allowing customers to save on money, food waste, and of course the environment.”

The shop stocks numerous items and prices are measured by weight. Customers can collect items in any container they want.

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