Sustainable Businesses in Sheffield – Part 1

Posted by Andi

Sustainable Business

Following on from previous blog posts about a local community farm in Sheffield called Regather and another blog about Leaf and Shoot which is an underground bioponics farm producing a wide variety of fresh produce for local restaurants. We thought it would be a good idea to carry on this series and shine a spotlight on more sustainable businesses in our local area, Sheffield.   

The Nook

The Nook is a hair salon using environmentally-friendly products throughout and pushes to recycle as much as possible: the salon uses disposable compostable towels and gloves, hair cuttings are composted and all foils used for colouring are recycled.

Sustainable Business Sheffield

This is done through the Green Salon Collective, a company that focuses on finding circular solutions for salon waste.

 Here is an extract taken from their website: 

‘​​All of the haircare products we use in the salon are selected with the planet in mind, are naturally derived and produced and packaged in ways that minimise their impact on the environment.

Beyond haircare, we try to select products to use in our salon which have minimal environmental impact. From towels to coffee, we’re conscious of the effects of the choices we make.

We are committed to reducing our waste, reusing where possible, and recycling what we can.’

The Bare Alternative

The Bare Alternative is a zero-waste refill store, bringing affordable package-free shopping to Sheffield along with similar shops like this in Sheffield such as Unwrapped.

The shop stocks dry food, oils, cooking/baking ingredients and household cleaning supplies for customers to buy as refills. The prices are measured by weight and customers can collect items in any container they want. 

Here is an extract taken from their website: 

‘We offer a wide selection of whole food and cooking ingredient refills for making healthy meals, all available package-free, so make sure to BYOC (Bring Your Own Container). We also sell a range of natural cleaning products (laundry and washing up liquid, shampoo and conditioner, etc), everyday sustainable alternatives (bamboo toothbrushes, steel straws along with other cosmetic and hygiene products) and much more that will help you reduce waste and live a low impact lifestyle.’


Lavang is an authentic Indian restaurant which provides a unique twist on Asian cuisine. In 2021, Lavang became a certified carbon-neutral restaurant.

‘In 2021 Lavang achieved CarbonNeutral® status and are now certified as an official CarbonNeutral® company, covering all of our operations. This marks the culmination of many years work to reduce our emissions and establish carbon offsetting projects that directly benefit people and communities within our supply chain.’

As you can read from the above extract taken from their website, Lavang has worked hard to reduce the business’s carbon footprint and energy used on-site. Alongside a number of sustainable business practices, the restaurant now runs a smaller, seasonal menu which they change every 4-6 months. The basics are important, too, such as ensuring no food wastage, ensuring all appliances are switched off before closing and employing local staff to reduce the distance travelled to work.