Why experience a cold and sleepless winter night when you can have someone to check the performance and safety of your heating system before the colder months arrive?

An Air Source Heat Pump, like a standard gas boiler, should be serviced on a regular basis to ensure maximum effienccy. A Heat Pump transfers heat from the air to your home using refrigerant. This must be checked in accordance with the manufacturer’s servicing recommendations on a regular basis.

Although Heat Pumps are less expensive to fix and maintain than traditional heating systems due to fewer moving components and longer warranties. To guarantee that Heat Pump systems operate properly, we recommend an annual service. Outside of this annual health check, heat pumps rarely require maintenance, and a well-maintained system should last at least 20 to 30 years.

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Servicing checklist:

  • A pressure check of the expansion vessel and any necessary top-ups;
  • A visual inspection and cleaning of the heat pump circuit filter;
  • Opening the primary system safety valve and ensuring that it safely empties;
  • Checking to see if the system refrigerant concentration needs to be increased;
  • Checking that the principal system pressure does not exceed a recommended level;
  • Removing any remaining air from the primary heating system;

Frequently Asked Questions

People often have many questions about how to keep their Air Source Heat Pump system in best working condition.

This is an essential check of the Heat Pump itself to make sure it is functioning as it should and offers the most efficient heating solution to your home.

We recommend a service on a Heat Pump system at least once a year to make sure everything is in working condition and not costing you money it shouldn’t to heat your home.

So long as no major issues are found the check shouldn’t last any more than half an hour.

Air Source Heat Pumps are built to last for many years. Instead of using corrosive and harmful resources like coal and oil to support combustion-based energy, they just use air, which is significantly less disruptive.

Because Air Source Heat Pumps are simple yet effective, maintenance frequency is reduced, and servicing can be limited to every year just to be safe.

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