Offshore wind farms are key to a green energy strategy

Posted by Andi

UK Wind Farm

As you may already know, offshore wind farms are groups of green energy-producing wind turbines that are installed off the coast of the UK. The benefits of installing wind farms off the coast of the UK are that you are not obstructing anything with the turbines plus you also have access to stronger winds if you install the turbines off the coast. The UK is the world’s leader in offshore wind farms, with more installed capacity than any other country in the world. Already, offshore wind powers the equivalent of 4.5 million homes in the UK which makes up about 10% of the UK’s energy requirements at this current time. Due to the UK’s impressive investment into offshore wind energy, the cost of wind energy has fallen by approximately 50% since 2015.

Wind farms helping us meet green energy targets…

UK Wind Farm

In 2016, the UK government announced a £19 billion package to help to grow the industry further and help push the UK’s green energy targets forward. That funding is now bearing fruits as we start to see an influx of new, skilled jobs being created alongside a growing market for offshore wind energy demand. Benj Sykes, of the co-chairman for the Wind Industry Council, stated, “As an industry, we have a vision: working closely with the UK Government, we aim to deliver one-third of the country’s total electricity needs by 2030, powering not just our homes and businesses but also our electric vehicles and heating.”

Demand still rising…

The success of the UK’s offshore wind farms means that there are currently plans to expand offshore wind farm production across the UK’s coasts using multiple turbine models including the Siemens Gamesa 7MW and the Vestas V90-3.0MW. With current expansions underway and demand rising for offshore wind energy, it’s clear that offshore wind farms will play a key part in the UK’s green industrial revolution.

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