More than 80% of households satisfied with their Heat Pump

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Heat Pumps for Homes

According to a comprehensive survey conducted by Nesta, over 80% of households that switched from gas boilers to electric heat pumps expressed satisfaction with their new heating systems. 

The survey, which is believed to be the most extensive investigation to date on heat pump usage, involved more than 2,500 domestic heat pump owners and over 1,000 domestic gas boiler owners in England, Scotland, and Wales during the past winter. 

The survey also revealed that users of heat pumps to warm their homes reported similar levels of satisfaction compared to those with gas boilers. 

Satisfaction levels remained high in older properties

Satisfaction levels remained high regardless of whether the heat pumps were installed in new-build homes or older properties, dispelling concerns that heat pumps are only effective in modern buildings.   

Madeleine Gabriel, the director of a sustainable future at Nesta, said results should put to rest “outdated” concerns about the low-carbon heating technology and prompt the government to “redouble its efforts” to phase out fossil fuel heating.

According to the survey, 81% of households expressed equal or higher satisfaction with heat pumps in comparison to their previous heating systems, which included gas boilers, electric heating, or oil and LPG boilers. 

Satisfaction levels were similar for households living in Victorian or older properties, at 83%, which appears to contradict concerns that heat pumps are only effective in modern buildings or those that have undergone extensive energy efficiency upgrades.

Regarding running costs, a significant area of concern for households contemplating heat pump adoption, the survey found that two-thirds of heat pump owners were satisfied even without extensive energy efficiency upgrades.

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