Leaf & Shoot – Futuristic Sheffield Food Farm

Posted by Andi

Following on from our blog about a local community farm in Sheffield called Regather, we found out about Leaf & Shoot which is another excellent local farm doing amazing things for both the environment and the local community.

Who are Leaf & Shoot?

Leaf and Shoot is an underground bioponics farm which produces a wide variety of fresh produce for local restaurants as well as selling soil mix and plant food.

Food Farm Products

What do Leaf and Shoot do?

Leaf & Shoot have have created an innovative system for growing food directly from green waste using worm farms and organic cycling. The worms process the green waste (waste food, plant matter, cardboard etc) that they feed them and the worms then turn it into an incredibly nutrient-rich worm cast. They then use that worm cast to create the soil that they plant the seeds into to grow produce.

Leaf & Shoot don’t use synthetic chemicals to give nutrients to the crops. Instead, they use their own organic fertiliser which is created in their green waste management system.

How to support Leaf & Shoot

Here at Greener Living, we love promoting local businesses who like us, want to make a positive difference to the environment. You can support Leaf & Shoot by checking out their website here where you can learn more and even order some of their own soil mixes and organic plant food to help you grow your own produce. 

If you’d like to check them out yourselves then head down to their underground farm on Burton Road in Kelham Island, Sheffield.

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