Is an Air Source Heat Pump suitable for my property?

Posted by Andi

Air Source Heat Pumps absorb heat from the outside air with a unit that will sit outside the home. This heat can then be used to heat radiators, underfloor heating systems and hot water for your home. This will get rid of the need for gas meaning no gas bills and a greener and more energy-efficient heating system. 

Air source heat pumps can be installed in both new and existing properties, however, there are a few things to consider to see if it’s suitable for your property.


To work efficiently, Air Source Heat Pumps require a well-insulated house in order to keep all the heat in. If you live in an older property or one that is not very well insulated, it would be worthwhile improving the insulation as well as replacing the windows with double or triple glazing and sealing up any leaks before installing a heat pump.

Underfloor heating or large radiators

Although not essential, Air source heat pumps work best with systems that have larger radiators and underfloor heating. Upgrading the radiators can often be part of the installation process and so will not need to be changed before. 

Hot water cylinder

Heat pumps, unlike combi boilers, do not produce hot water on demand, so the hot water must be kept in a cylinder until it is required. Therefore, you will need to have space to install a hot water cylinder.

Exterior space

To extract heat from the air, the unit must be placed outside with sufficient airflow all around it.  It can be installed on a wall in some situations, but it must be located somewhere accessible so it can be easily reached and serviced by an engineer.

If your home ticks these boxes then an Air Source Heat Pump should make a great addition to your home. They work best when heating your home to a consistent temperature and holding it at that mark. This removes your need to fiddle with your thermostat constantly to compensate for cooler temperatures. It will also completely remove your reliance on fossil fuels to heat your home as Air Source Heat Pumps can be powered by clean, green electricity. Click here to get your free quote and to start your journey of revolutionising your home’s heating.



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