How to use MELCloud to control your Air Source Heat Pump

Posted by Andi

Mel Cloud

MELCloud is a mobile application from Mitsubishi Electric which will allow you to control your Air Source Heat Pump remotely from your mobile phone or tablet. This can even be done when you are inside or outside of your property. The app is free to use and is compatible with smartphones, Mac’s and PCs. Once set up, you will have complete control over your home’s climate wherever you are.

No more will you dread coming home to a cold house or have the struggle of getting out of bed and shivering in the cold. The MELCloud app also allows you to set up a weekly schedule, meaning that you can set your Air Source Heat Pump to heat your home at different points throughout the day.

MelCloud Smartphone App

As long as you are connected to the internet you can control your Air Source Heat Pump from anywhere. The MELCloud also supports the Amazon Alexa application, meaning that you can now control your entire Air Source Heat Pump system via voice command without having to even pick up your smartphone.

You may also find comfort in using the MELCloud when you are away from home, knowing that you can check that your Air Source Heat Pump is not needlessly heating your home without anyone in. As well as this, the MELCloud app lets you vary the temperature of each individual room in your home. Installation is quick and easy, you simply pair your Wi-Fi router with the MELCloud communicator which allows your Air Source Heat Pump to send and receive information to you through the internet. Once you’re paired up you can enjoy controlling your Air Source Heat Pump wherever you are.

For more information, please check out this video which explains more…