How to install an Air Source Heat Pump

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Air Source Heat Pumps are becoming more and more popular each day as many UK homeowners make the change to renewable heating. One of the questions we get asked a lot is how does the installation process work and what’s involved? Today we’re going to do our best to answer that.

Replacing a fossil fuel system with an Air Source Heat Pump may seem like a challenge, however, our team of expert plumbers and electricians have become seasoned veterans of the task, to the extent that we normally complete the whole task in one day to make sure your home is not without central heating or hot water. As you can imagine, every installation is slightly different but this is the general routine of what happens.

How to install an Air Source Heat Pump

Removing the boiler…

Before any work takes place the first thing is to protect your property from footfall and potential dust/debris by covering all floor space with protective sheeting. Our team will then get straight to work removing the old fossil fuel system, typically this is a gas boiler but our team are trained to safely remove any central heating system such as oil or even biomass. Once the old system has been safely disconnected and removed, our team will then turn their attention to the radiators.

In some instances, radiator upgrades are necessary to provide you with the maximum level of comfort. Radiator upgrades are included as part of our service if required or wanted. If this is the case then our team will safely remove and upgrade all of your home’s radiators where needed. While this is happening, one of the team will be laying the foundation of the pipework. This includes drilling precise holes from where the water cylinder will be located to where the outside unit is going to be placed and then neatly feeding the pipework through. The pipework is then trunked in so as to leave no unsightly pipes exposed.

Connecting the system…

At this point, the electrician will be preparing the fuse board for the outside unit of the Air Source Heat Pump. The outside unit is then moved into position, this will typically be somewhere inconspicuous with good airflow. Most of the time the outside unit will be floor mounted but if this is not practical then it can be mounted on wall brackets. Once this is done, the electrician will run a cable to the outside unit, safely trunk it in and then prepare the powerpoint for the outside unit. Once the electrics and the pipework are in place the outside unit is connected up. The electrician will then connect the electrics while one of the plumbing team connects and insulates the pipework. Whilst all this has been happening, another member of the plumbing team has been busy inside preparing the piping for the water cylinder. This pipework is critical as it will not only connect the cylinder to the outside unit but also to the wet system for the radiators, taps and showers. Once completed, the cylinder is moved into position. This is typically in the loft/attic space of most properties, however, there are other places it can go if this is not an option. Once the water cylinder is in position, it is connected up to the pipework.

Finishing off…

With everything now installed and connected, our team will then turn on and calibrate the system and make sure everything is working as it should. Once the system is fully operational and calibrated, they will have a good clean up of all work areas to make sure the place is as clean and everything how it was when they arrived. Once the installation has been completed, someone will be dispatched for a follow-up. They will make sure that our team has met the high standard of workmanship that we hold ourselves to. They will also remove any waste, such as radiators, boiler, pipes that the initial team could not take with them in their clean up operation. Lastly, they will check that you are happy with the system and the work completed, give you a welcome pack, discuss the serving of your new Air Source Heat Pump and also offer any help that you may require. Such as connecting your mobile devices to the Melcloud or similar system so that you can control your system remotely.

As stated above, we aim to complete all of our installations in one working day where possible. To find out more about Air Source Heat Pumps and how they can heat your home, click here.


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