How to improve your home’s EPC rating

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EPC Rating

What is an EPC rating?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) measures the energy efficiency of a domestic property. It is used when a property is built, sold or rented to provide all the information on a property’s energy use and typical energy costs and to make recommendations about how to reduce energy usage and increase efficiency.

An Energy Performance Certificate is valid for 10 years from when they are issued and tells you how energy efficient a building is and gives it a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient) and lets the person who will use the building know how costly it will be to heat and light, and what its carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be. The average EPC of homes within the UK has an EPC rating of D.

Solar Panels

The Energy Performance Certificate will also state what the energy-efficiency rating could be if you made the recommended improvements to the property, and highlights cost-effective ways to achieve a better rating.

Why should you improve your EPC rating?

With around 2.5 million families living in inadequate housing with low EPC ratings, the UK has some of the least energy-efficient houses in all of Europe. Many of the residents of these homes are low-income families who suffer the most as a result of rising energy prices. Those with low incomes and poor EPCs find it difficult to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature.

How can I improve my EPC?

  • InsulationHeating accounts for a large percentage of energy use in our homes, and one of the best ways to help decrease heat loss is by making your home more efficient and improving the insulation. Insulation helps trap the warmth in your home for longer. There are various types of insulation available, including loft insulation and external wall insulation to choose from.
  • Replacing your boilerAn old and inefficient boiler can bring your EPC rating down. Older systems tend to use more gas to get your home up to your required temperature which can make a negative impact on your overall EPC. Upgrading to a renewable heating system such as an Air Source Heat Pump will help to improve your EPC and cut your carbon footprint.
  • Solar PanelsAs solar panels produce greener energy, adding them to your home will help improve your EPC. Although they require a significant investment to install, solar panels also help you to reduce energy bills and the payback period is getting shorter and shorter due to rising energy costs.
  • Double Glazing – Double-glazed windows are another great form of insulation as they trap heat and store it which in turn means lower energy bills as less energy is used to heat a room. 
  • Switch to LED lightingSwitching to LED lighting is one of the quickest and easiest changes you can make to your home to improve efficiency as LED bulbs are around 10 times more efficient.  While this won’t have a huge increase on your EPC, it can help make a difference.

Is there financial help to improve my EPC?

Yes, financial help is available. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme offers £7,500 towards the cost of buying and installing an air source heat pump or biomass boiler.


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