How noisy are Air Source Heat Pumps?

Posted by Andi

One of the main questions people ask us is how noisy are Air Source Heat Pumps? Most of us have walked past a noisy air conditioning unit and have shuddered at the loud and unpleasant sound they make. However, with the Air Source Heat Pumps that we install that is not the case!

The Air Source Heat Pumps that we install are produced by the technological pioneers, Mitsubishi. Through years of meticulous research and development, Mitsubishi has developed some of the quietest Air Source Heat Pumps on the market which are the pumps that we install in our customer’s homes.

But how quiet are they you ask?

With world-leading innovation in fan and compressor design, the new Mitsubishi Ecodan has a sound pressure level of 45dB at one meter which for reference is 1dB louder than the average library and quieter than the average dishwasher which sits at around 70dB and the average gas boiler which sits at around 60dB.

So to put things into context, if you took your current boiler and placed it outside your house, connected it and turned it on, an Air Source Heat Pump supplied by us would still be quieter. These low noise levels are a way of ensuring that your heating system can be under the required decibel limit of 42dB taken one meter away from your neighbours’ door or window.

From an installation point of view, this means that there are now many more options for where we can install your Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump in relation to your neighbour’s home and other surrounding buildings.

For more information, please check out this video which explains this in great detail or get in touch for a free quote here!

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