How innovation is helping the climate crisis

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While scientific advancements alone are unlikely to solve the climate crisis, there are several inventions ranging from simple designs to cutting-edge technology that can reduce the impact of climate change.

Reusable Burger Boxes

Burger King UK has become the first fast-food company in the UK to test a new line of packaging that is reusable and returnable for its burgers.

The trial has been rolled out across five restaurants in Ipswich and Newmarket until September and will potentially be put in place across the country if it proves popular.

Customers will have the option to pay a £1 deposit for a reusable cup or container instead of using throwaway packaging, helping reduce single-use packaging consumption. Customers who return their cups or containers will be refunded their deposit, with all returned cups or containers being professionally cleaned and then put back into the cycle.

Electric Taxis

London-based electric vehicle firm Arrival has developed a car designed specifically for the taxi industry.

Arrival’s car was built with help from Uber drivers and aims to enhance air quality in urban locations where taxis are common. Electric Taxi Sheffield

Poor air quality is responsible for 9,400 premature deaths in London alone each year, costing the health service between £1.4 and £3.7 billion. 

Tom Elvidge of Arrival states that “Electrifying ride-hailing will play a critical part in decreasing automobile emissions in cities around the world, providing communities with a sustainable, clean multi-modal transportation system.”

In addition, the business is working on an electric van and bus.

Food waste turned into animal feed

British start-up Better Origin has developed the X1, an insect farm that converts local food waste into animal feed. The insect larvae that feed on surplus nutrients are fed to livestock.

Fotis Fotiadis, CEO and co-founder of Better Origin, said: “Until now there was no accessible way for food producers to turn food surplus back into the food chain. We’re now delivering a vital solution to this global opportunity.

In nature, insects convert waste into essential nutrients in a complete ‘no-waste’ cycle, but this link is absent from the modern food chain.


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