How are Air Source Heat Pumps installed?

Posted by Andi

Heat Pump Installers

As we know, installing an Air Source Heat Pump is an excellent way to lower your heating bills, as well as benefitting from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (a government financial incentive for installing a renewable heating system like a heat pump), all while helping to fight climate change by moving away from a gas-powered boiler or energy guzzling heaters. Let’s take a look at how our highly-skilled, MCS certified engineers install these Air Source Heat Pumps in your home.

Installing Air Source Heat Pumps…


After our survey team have completed their thorough checks on your home to ensure a smooth installation and suitability of the home heating system, the process can begin:

First of all, a location is chosen for the outside unit to be placed, somewhere out of the way and with access to a free flow of air. These units can be securely mounted to the side of a building or bolted to the floor ensuring the unit’s protection in any weather condition.

The next part of the process is the installation of the hot water cylinder. The heat captured by the outside unit is used to heat the water in this indoor unit. Our skilled engineers will then connect these units which will work in harmony to produce your hot water at a much lower cost in comparison to inefficient methods, such as oil and gas.

Once these two units have been connected your Air Source Heat Pump system is ready to be connected to the radiators or underfloor heating. Our survey team will advise you on whether you should consider upgrading your radiators, seeing as Air Source Heat Pumps will work best with modern radiators or underfloor heating which will give you the maximum benefits of the system.

Air Source Heat Pump maintenance…


The Air Source Heat Pumps we install require very little maintenance due to the premium build quality, these really are the best on the market today, but rest assured, any maintenance that your heat pump may need we can provide, such as:

• Cleaning the fans
• Cleaning the Filters
• Checking the refrigerant levels

With very little maintenance, your Air Source Heat Pump can heat your home efficiently and cheaply for over 20 years, so why not future-proof your home today?