Heating your home with the LG Therma V

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Recently, LG has launched their new range of Air Source Heat Pumps, the LG Therma V. This Air Source Heat Pump is the product of many years of research and development by LG and today we’re going to take a look at how the Therma V can heat your home cheaply and efficiently.

One thing that really sets this heat pump apart from others on the market is its high flow temperature of 65°C, this is achieved by the Therma V’s extremely efficient compression cycle which drives the heat up to a sustainably high temperature. It is for this reason that the LG Therma V is widely adopted for use in retrofit jobs in older houses where the ambient heat loss is higher than a more modern property. The LG Therma V can also be equipped with an emergency backup electric heater. This heater is designed to provide emergency heating in the unlikely event of damage or malfunction to your Air Source Heat Pump meaning that you will always have peace of mind that you will never be left out in the cold.

Market-leading scroll compressor design…

LG Heat Pump

The LG Therma V also performs extremely well in colder temperatures with it still achieving 100% efficiency at -7°C, this can be partly attributed to its latest R32 refrigerant which boils at extremely low temperatures making it ideal for use in unpredictable and colder climates. The LG Therma V also features the addition of pressure sensors alongside its temperature sensors which means that its heating response is much quicker than older models with it coming up to useable temperature 44% quicker. This can also be contributed to its revolutionary, market-leading scroll compressor design, combining high efficiency and low noise characteristics of the scroll compressor with the stable compressing structure of a rotary compressor all in one unit. The new compressor incorporates new technology developed by LG including wet vapour injection. This is to control the high discharge temperature of the compressor efficiently, bringing it down from 160°C to below 110°C, resulting in an expanded heating operation range and enhancing the unit’s performance at low ambient temperatures.

The LG Therma V’s heat exchangers are also coated in LG’s exclusive Black Fin Epoxy Resin which gives the Therma V added resistance to corrosive environments such as sea air, granting the Therma V a longer lifespan and even lower maintenance costs. LG Air Source Heat Pumps have always been known for their fantastically well-designed interfaces and controller and the Therma V is no exception with its 4.3-inch colour display making it quick and easy to use for installers, maintainers and end-users alike. In addition to this, the LG Therma V features extensive data logging capabilities for events such as operational history and potential error reports.

All in all, the LG Therma is a highly efficient, durable and reliable piece of technology which is more than up to the task of heating your home while saving you money on your heating bills.

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