Heat Pump installation in Calow, Chesterfield.

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Recently, we installed an Air Source Heat pump at a property in Calow in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. We thought this would be a great opportunity to demonstrate how our installation process takes place and how we manage to make our customer’s homes energy efficient. We aim to complete most of our installations within one working day if possible, which means an early start for our team who arrived early at the property at 8 AM sharp to help unload the delivery of the system components from the Greener Living HQ.

Preparing the Heat Pump installation…

Once all of the equipment was unloaded safely, our team got to work preparing the home for the Installation of the Air Source Heat Pump. This work involved the removal of the current, outdated fossil fuel gas boiler and the existing radiators as well as the preparation of the loft space for the new, energy-efficient water cylinder. You can see the 2 man team sorting the electrics and plumbing in the loft in this short video.


After this, our team started to set up the pipework which would connect the Air Source Heat Pump to the water cylinder in the loft space. This involved neatly feeding pipework from inside the loft to where the Air Source Heat Pump would be located at the side of the house. Once done, the pipework was neatly trunked in to protect the pipework while making the piping inconspicuous.

Whilst all of this was being done, our electrician was hard at work preparing the fuse board to connect to the Air Source Heat Pump. When these tasks had been completed it was time to move the Air Source Heat Pump to its forever home by the side of the house. Our team then quickly and efficiently connected the Air Source Heat Pump to the mains power supply while the water cylinder was being installed in the loft space. The two pieces of equipment were then connected together and fully synchronised.

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The speed and efficacy of our team made this whole process look no more complicated than putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The final stages of our installation were now upon us. Our team replaced all of the redundant radiators in the house and connected them up to the water cylinder, ensuring maximum heating efficacy for their home.

With the Air Source Heat Pump installed and powered up along with the new water cylinder and radiators, the last critical job fell to our electrician to make sure that the central heating control system was up and running. This system communicates between the Air Source Heat Pump, water cylinder and the thermostat/temperature control system. Making sure this responsive and smart system is calibrated and running is vital to the smooth running of the Air Source Heat Pump central heating system.

The final tidy up…

Once the installation had been completed, our team had a good tidy up, making sure that no rubbish was left behind and the house was just as clean as when they arrived. The customers could then enjoy the fact that their home is now one of the most energy-efficient in Chesterfield with the added benefit of receiving Renewable Heat Incentive payments from the government for the next seven years.

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