Has COP26 made people plan a more environmentally friendly Christmas?

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Despite the fact that the majority of the population indicate they care about climate and environmental issues, nearly half of the country says the issues presented at COP26 hasn’t inspired them to plan a more environmentally friendly Christmas according to research from Gumtree. The research also found that almost 1 in 10 admitted not knowing what the COP26 summit or the Government’s Net Zero strategy even were.

Overconsumption is the main issue…

The main environmental issue around Christmas is overconsumption. This includes both food waste from buying and cooking more food than necessary and also from gifting unnecessary presents. It is estimated that the UK sends around 100 million rubbish bags to landfills over the Christmas period.

Christmas PresentsThe survey of 2000 adults found that three quarters will be purchasing a brand new item to replace an existing item and over a third will throw away the old item even if it’s in working condition. These items could instead be resold or given to charity.

When asked why they would not make an effort to cut back on their consumption during the holiday season, a third said Christmas was too important to cut back on, while a quarter said they wanted specific goods that were all brand new. One in five thought their efforts to be more sustainable wouldn’t make a difference.

Statistics show that the UK government has a big job ahead of it in terms of educating the country on how to live more environmentally conscious lives. Just under half of the population (46%) believe they don’t have enough information to reduce their own environmental impact, which could explain why only a fifth of people (20%) choose second-hand goods.

How can you be more sustainable this Christmas?

There are several ways you can gift sustainably this Christmas such as eco-friendly products from environmentally friendly materials that will last a long time, homemade goods and plants or garden accessories to name a few. Other simple solutions include only buying what you need in order to cut back on waste.


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