Greener Living moves into its new Sheffield headquarters

Posted by Andi

Greener Living Head Office

Exciting times await us at Greener Living as we have recently acquired what will be our new Sheffield HQ. The new office space, just off Brightside Lane Industrial centre, will host all of our office staff, give us room for our ever-growing workforce, and include a showroom and a training centre to help us educate on green energy systems moving forward.

The move, fuelled by our rapid expansion over the last two years, has not gone unnoticed. In fact, the news of our HQ upgrade caught the attention of the renowned Sheffield paper, The Star, who wrote a full article on our journey into the new building.

Our vision…

This upgrade to our business comes as a wider part of our strategy to reach more and more potential customers across the UK. While we are the largest installer of Air Source Heat Pumps in the UK, we still have bigger dreams and ambitions to cover more and more areas in the UK whilst still providing the industry-leading quality of customer service we are known for nationally.

We hope that this new, spacious building will give us the facilities to further expand our team and people power to achieve our goal of being able to reach every home in the UK, so that when gas boilers are made redundant, we will have the ability to offer the best service in the business to everyone, nationwide.

See an Air Source Heat Pump in action at our Sheffield showroom…

Greener Living HQ is based in the middle of Sheffield’s main industrial sector, opposite the iron and steel forges that made Sheffield famous. It is easily accessible and will also feature a showroom in which customers will be able to come and see an Air Source Heat Pump in action before they decide to join the thousands of homeowners switching to renewable heating every week. We feel that the move to this newer and larger residence solidifies the view that renewable heating is much more than a pipe dream and that Air Source Heat Pumps are the way forward for domestic heating.