Frequently asked questions about Solar Panels

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Solar has become the most popular renewable energy source, with more homes than ever opting to generate their own solar electricity. For many considering solar panels, there are several questions that need answering before making the investment. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about solar panels below…

How do Solar Panels work?

Solar Panels are made up of many photovoltaic cells, silicon is present in these cells, when sunlight strikes silicon, the electrons within it begin to move about. This movement generates direct current (DC) electricity, which is subsequently transformed to alternating current (AC).  This AC electricity is then utilised to power our houses and businesses.

Do I need to clean my Solar Panels?

Most solar panels are self-cleaning however there can be times that they need to be cleaned due to too much build-up of dirt which can reduce their productivity. You should not attempt to climb onto your roof unless you have suitable experience and equipment. If you’re not confident then get a professional to do it.

Do I need a South-facing roof for Solar Panels?

Solar Panels work on any facing roof however, Solar Panels will perform better and produce more electricity if they are South facing. Solar panels on a non-South facing roof will still perform at around 86% compared to South facing.

How many solar panels will my home need?

The more solar panels you have installed, the more electricity your home will be able to generate.

Solar Installers

Your solar panel requirements will be determined by your energy use and the number of people living in your home. We will help you to decide the most suitable system for your house. We have many options which is why we build bespoke systems to suit your property.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels generally last for around 25-30 years. However, a solar panel won’t die after 25-30 years, rather, its output will decrease below what the manufacturer projected.

With no moving parts on the panels, there’s less that could break. This means that once installed, there is little maintenance that needs to be done.

Do I need constant sunshine for my Solar Panels to work?

Solar Panels don’t need constant direct sunlight to work and can still generate electricity when the weather is cloudy. 

Can solar power be stored?

Solar Panels can store electricity using battery storage systems which we can also provide as part of the installation. You can then choose whether to use this stored electricity or sell it back to the grid.

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