Earth Day 2021

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Greener Living would like to wish everyone a happy Earth Day today! Earth Day is an annual event held on April 22nd and its purpose is to demonstrate support for environmental protection worldwide. The first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970, since then it has grown to a global event that includes a huge range of events coordinated by EARTHDAY.ORG.

It is believed that over 1 Billion people celebrate Earth Day in more than 193 countries. We strongly support this global initiative and feel that many of their values of environmental conservation resonate closely with our own.

What’s happening on this year’s Earth Day?

This year, one of the main events is the Global Youth Summit, which will consist of panels, speeches, discussions, and special messages with today’s youth climate activists including Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Villaseñor, and Licypriya Kangujam. After this, the Hip Hop Caucus and its partners will present the “We Shall Breathe” virtual summit.

This digital event will examine the climate and environmental justice, connecting the climate crisis to issues of pollution, poverty, and the pandemic. There will also be the Education International initiative which represents 32 million educators who will lead the “Teach for the Planet: Global Education Summit”. The multilingual virtual summit will span several time zones and feature prominent activists from every continent, focused on the crucial role that educators play in combating climate change and why we need transformative climate education now.

Earth Day

Wait, there’s more?

Alongside these great activities, there is an abundance of digital workshops, panel discussions, and special performances which will focus on the Restore Our Earth™ initiative which will cover natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all of this year’s Earth Day activities are scheduled to take place online. As well as being known as one of the worlds biggest educational forces, Earth Day is also responsible for one of the greatest global cleanup operations in the world. You can sign up for coordinated events such as group cleanups of beauty spots and also “Plogging”. A combination game that involves picking up rubbish while jogging.

What does Greener Living think?

Here at Greener Living, we think that it’s fantastic that there such a strong global movement, focused entirely on improving the earth’s environment which is obviously something that we are very passionate about. We fully encourage everyone reading this to check out Earth Days website to find out more about the activities available and also how group action plays a key role in healing our damaged environment. You can find out more about how we think we can all help improve the planet’s climate and the environment by clicking here.

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