Air Source Heat Pump Help Centre

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Air Source Heat Pump Help Centre

Keeping our customers in the know…

Air Source Heat Pumps are still quite a new and unknown technology to many people in the UK even though they are one of the most popular forms of home heating in Scandinavia and have overtaken gas boilers as the number one home heating system in Germany. We get asked many questions every day by customers who have heard about this form of greener heating and would like to know more about it, to help them we have set up our Greener Living Heat Pump Help Centre to share some of the knowledge we have about Heat Pumps in general, the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Green Homes Grant schemes to try and help customers understand the technology and how it could help future-proof their homes, lower their bills and help them move away from inefficient fuels such as oil and gas and lower their carbon footprint to help the environment in the UK.

Greener Living Help Centre

Our help centre keeps growing…

We have managed to populate our help centre with many of the most asked questions about Air Source Heat Pumps, the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Green Homes Grant schemes but our job is not done and we plan to keep this knowledgebase growing as the technology changes and the needs of our customers change. Be sure to bookmark it as a helpful resource whether you are looking to have an Air Source Heat Pump installed in your home in the near future or even if you have one installed already and want to keep up to date with the technology, understand how they work or keep on top of your servicing package.

Here to help if you need anything else…

We also have a helpful live chat box that appears in the bottom right of the Help Centre just in case there is anything further you would like to discuss, please feel free to chat with one of our helpful members of staff about any sales, technical or servicing information you require.

If you’d prefer to speak to somebody on the telephone we have offices in both the North of England and the South of England, please call 03335 770 252 for our Sheffield office or 0203 290 9598 for our London office, you can also email us if you prefer at

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